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Easier Routing for Pedestal

Rook is a way of mapping Clojure namespaces and functions as the endpoints of a Pedestal application.

Using Rook, you map a namespace to a URI; Rook uses metadata to identify which functions are endpoints. It generates a Pedestal routing table that you can use as-is, or combine with more traditional routing.

With Rook, your configuration is both less dense and more dynamic, because you only have to explicitly identify your namespaces and Rook finds all the endpoints within those namespaces.

Rook is also designed to work well the Component library, though Component is not a requirement.

Rook generates a set of table routes that can then be used by the io.pedestal.http/create-server bootstrapping function.

(require '[io.aviso.rook :as rook]
          [io.pedestal.http :as http])

(def service-map
  {:env :prod
   ::http/routes (rook/gen-table-routes {"/widgets" 'org.example.widgets
                                         "/gizmos"  'org.example.gizmos}
   ::http/resource-path "/public"
   ::http/type :jetty
   ::http/port 8080})

(defn start
  (-> service-map

Rook supports many more options:

  • Nested namespaces
  • Defining interceptors for endpoints
  • Leveraging metadata at the namespace and function level
  • Defining constraints for path parameters


Rook is released under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0.